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BURLE BUSINESS PARK in Lancaster, PA is Lancaster City's only Commercial and Industrial Park.  Devoted to adaptive re-use, this facility was opened in 1942 as a U.S. Navy plant which was purchased after W.W.II by RCA for the manufacture of radio, microwave tubes and later, television.  The facility grew and changed over the next 20 years using state-of-the-art construction and building concepts which still function very effectively today for a multitude of business applications.  Today, our landscaped, 24 hour secure, multipurpose facility offers 1,300,000 square feet under roof.  We offer lease space of all types and sizes with all utilities available, on-site maintenance and IT support, fully staffed cafeteria, and two promenade courtyards. There are tenant conference areas and catering.  We also offer both air conditioned and non-HVAC manufacturing and warehouse space, and industrial lab space, professional office, sprinkler system, on-site waste treatment and parking for 2500+ cars. If a building is needed for manufacturing, flex, office, R&D, warehouse, laboratory or goods storage, BURLE is an ideal location.  Our fully air conditioned spaces may be preferred for the year-round comfort of production workers as well as for the preservation of product life. We are home to over 40 Commercial, Industrial, Technology, Educational, Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Office tenants.

* Burle Business Park is an environmentally clean site with PA-ACTII Certification *

Located 2 minutes from U.S. Route 30 at a traffic light, there are four entrances to the Park.  We are a secure facility with parking for thousands of cars.  We want to be home to your business.  We support the revitilization of Lancaster City. To tour our facility, please call Althea Ramsay Carrigan, Vice President Real Estate at 717-295-6510.

Address:                        1004 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster
Classification:                 Business/Industrial Park
Zoning:                           (CM)-Central Manufacturing-Lancaster City
Park Size:                      75 Acres, 1.3 Million Square Feet
Number of Lots:              1
Year Developed:              1942-1965
Tax Abatement:               No
Transportation Access:    2 minutes from Rte 30, Four (4) Vehicle Entrances

The Park sits perfectly between two Route 30 access points; Route 23 at the front entrances and Walnut Street at the back entrance.  Five minutes outside Center City, with vast parking lots ideal for shuttle, satellite and fleet services.

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