Building 16 is the premier warehouse building in the Park. Built on two levels which both have grade access this building is constructed of heavy steel, masonry and reinforced concrete the building offers 24’ ceilings.  This 150,000 (total) square foot building enjoys multiple tenant occupancy and houses many types of commercial operations including light and heavy manufacturing companies, warehouse and distribution centers and their supporting offices.

Heavy electric and two full banks of dock areas and an industrial freight elevator communicating between the levels make this building ideal for today’s user. Floor loads are 200 pounds per square foot. Column spacing on the upper (main) level is 36 x 36. There are storm, sanitary and chemical drains. 1000 KVA makes heavy machinery possible. 25,000 square feet of this building has air conditioning. Because of the quality construction, temperatures stay comfortable year-round in those production areas without cooling and costs stay lower in the winter as not as much heating is needed. The building is fully sprinklered. Mezzanine or floor office areas are available and there are multiple common area rest rooms.

This building enjoys singular direct entrance off Route 23 without having to pass through security gates weekdays from 5 AM to7 PM.  Before/After hours access is provided for 24/7 operation via the main security gate.  This building’s tenants also enjoy all the benefits of the Park such as the cafeteria, free tenant event room, the courtyards and the expansive parking lots.

Please call Althea to tour at 717-295-6510.