Building 2 is the original building constructed at the site.  It contains in excess of 300,000 square feet and was used for years by RCA to manufacture the first color television picture tubes mass produced in North America.  Situated at the center of the facility, the building has always had a vital and productive role in industrial production. This continues uninterrupted to this day. Approximately 25,000 square feet is now available for lease. The remainder of the building is occupied by many individual companies engaged in the areas of medium and light industrial production, specialty technology application, laboratory services, warehousing and the administrative offices for Lancaster General Hospital.

The majority of the building is served by both heat and air conditioning.  From the 1960’s through to the 1970’s production levels were so high in Building 2 during the peak years of color television production that using every bit of floor space was crucial. It was the practice of those times that the production element of business was the most important and that the support services (office) and the required facilities such as rest rooms should not take up the valuable floor area. The structure, design and architecture make for an interesting and not inefficient use of space in today’s business climate. The mezzanine areas make wonderful computer/IT hub areas and potentially create unique design features for “outside the box” office arrangements and meeting/conference rooms.  Some sections of Building 2 have very large windows overlooking the garden courtyard.

Other areas are more flex/manufacturing/industrial/warehouse style and do not have windows. It is structurally possible to add windows into the exterior walls if natural light is required.  The building has many docks and doors, making shipping, receiving, staging and delivery convenient for all.  The structural makeup of the building is masonry and concrete. Floor loads will accommodate 200 pounds per square foot on the main floor and 150 pounds per square foot on the second floor. Column spacing varies between areas, but the basic plan involves some areas of 20x26’8 spacing and other sections of 40x53’4” column arrangements. All support is on the columns making wall placement flexible regardless of the composition of the wall (block, drywall or partition).

Utilities include heavy power, 10,000 KVA, which can serve just about any industrial need. Virtually all industrial gas services (Steam, Gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Forming Gas) already serve the building as does public sewer and water, deionized water, water treatment systems (for  industrial discharge) and compressed air. There are storm, sanitary and chemical drains existing.  Roof mounted ventilation/exhaust is possible, and already exists in many areas. HVAC is zone controlled from a central power-house. Exceptions to the central system are possible if a separate HVAC system is required. The building is fully sprinklered with a wet system. On site staff monitors and maintains the mechanical systems 24 hours per day 365 days per year. 

Please call Althea to tour the Building (or any of the 16 buildings in the Park) at 717-295-6510.